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Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers in Marietta, GA was born in response to the lack of real solutions that impaired drivers create for themselves and for others. Our program utilizes three common but separate services, but focus on one goal:

Eliminate impaired drivers from our streets, regardless of the reason for the impairment.

Metro AMERICA is a community driven program that provides an effective, proven, practical and very affordable solution eliminating incidents involving impaired drivers and keeping our roads safe.

The Metro AMERICA Program provides a safe and affordable way for an impaired driver to be responsible to themselves and the people around them. We offer the cheapest solution to this problem. With Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers, there is no reason to endanger the lives of others or yourself. Don’t drive impaired; give us a call.

Below is a list of the gains resulting from the Metro AMERICA Program through the Metro Service, Metro Party Service, and the Metro Key Club Service.

Benefits of Our Program:  

We get you AND your car home safely; you don’t have to risk your safety and the safety of others just because you don’t want to leave your car abandoned.

By using our service, you cut the risk arrest, injury, and fatality (yourself and others) down dramatically.

We help any sort of impaired driver; not just those who’ve had too much to drink.

Proceeds go directly to the expansion of services through Metro AMERICA to better serve the community with some of the most cost efficient solutions in the Atlanta area

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