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3020 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30060

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No excuses campaign

There’s No Excuse to Drive
Home Impaired

Don’t let yourself or a friend drive home drunk; you’ll be risking the lives of everyone sharing the road with you. Life is precious – it’s absurd to put yourself or others in danger by driving impaired. Our No Excuses Campaign has teamed up with a huge amount of establishments, bars, and individual support from others in the community. We serve the Dekalb, Buckhead, Marietta, Little Five Points and the surrounding areas.

Only Driver for Hire

Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers in Marietta, GA is a designated driver service that looks out for the whole community by offering free rides to anyone who may need our service. Our service is based on principle and maintained by the people, for the people; we don’t charge for a subscription program AND THEN charge to use the service. We care about saving lives, not maximizing profit.

Unable to Drive? Call Us 

If you have enjoyed the party and now you feel that you cannot drive properly, call us immediately. We’ll take you home safely.