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About Us

Needs of impaired drivers

Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers (MASD) is a nonprofit, public service agency headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. We exist to help inebriated and otherwise impaired drivers get home safely, rather than risking innocent lives on the road. Accidents and fatalities due to impaired driving is a plague that is affecting the American neighborhood; here at Metro AMERICA Program, we do our best to remedy this by offering our program year round. We’ll get you and your car home safe

We started our program in August of 2007 with the mission to make our streets safe once more. Many good people from the community came together to help those who are drunk or otherwise uncomfortable driving home. It’s our duty to get you home safely, and it’s this duty that keeps Metro America Safe Drivers forever helping our community.

Free of Charge Service

We started by charging $15 dollars to pick you up and $2 for each mile driven. Four months later, we began charging only $20 for a pickup and for 10 miles of driving, with $3 for each mile after the additional 10 miles. We still wanted to offer to the impaired drivers of our community with a wider opportunity to get home safe. We now offer our services free of charge from all participating locations.

How does the Metro AMERICA program work? 

The Metro AMERICA program is a social enterprise designed to prevent impaired driving while creating a source of funds for our non-profit program to grow. Metro AMERICA, for now, consists of three
distinct services.

1. Metro Service - A professional driver-for-hire service using teams of two drivers to drive the impaired individuals and their cars for less than a taxi.

2. Metro Key CLUB - With this service we will take your car home without you in it. All you have to do is leave your keys with your driver and they will get your car back home safely. See more in our
services section.

3. Metro Party - Rent dedicated teams of drivers for private parties and events.

What are the benefits of the MASD/Metro AMERICA program? 

Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers in Marietta, GA was born in response to the lack of real solutions that impaired drivers create for themselves and for others. The core of this program utilizes three common but separate services publically focusing on one goal:

Metro AMERICA Safe Drivers offers real and viable alternatives to driving while impaired at little or NO cost. For much less than a taxi, this public service effectively eliminates the excuse of having no money for a ride or leaving your car abandoned as a reason to drive impaired. We give you the opportunity to eliminate the potential for arrests, convictions, injury to themselves or to others on the road.

Club/Bar/Restaurant owners benefit by taking a generous step toward the protection of staff and patrons by reducing potential liability from impaired driving.

The proceeds earned go directly into maintaining our service and help us expand to help more impaired drivers get home safely.

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To learn more about what we do or if you’re interested in joining us in our mission, contact us today.